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The Lonely Office

The Lonely Office is a podcast on everything that works—and doesn’t—about remote work. In each episode, hosts Matt Sunbulli (Co-founder, Fishbowl) and Aaron Calafato (podcaster, 7 Minute Stories) are joined by special guests as they dive deep into the latest conversations surrounding this new way of working.

Aaron Calafato

Host & Storyteller, 
7 Minute Stories Podcast

Aaron Calafato is a storyteller & podcast consultant. His stories have been heard by millions around the globe on his award-winning Podcast 7 Minute Stories, on stage, and on YouTube. Calafato is an in-demand storytelling coach for C-suite Executives and serves as a podcast consultant for some of the fastest-growing companies in the world. Calafato's extemporaneous storytelling style has been compared to that of monologist Spalding Gray and radio legend Jean Shepard.

Matt Sunbulli

Founder @ First Draft, 
Cofounder @ Fishbowl

Matt Sunbulli is the cofounder of Fishbowl, 
a social network for professionals to communicate semi-anonymously with colleagues across industries. Millions of professionals come to Fishbowl to have candid and honest conversations about their jobs and how they work. Matt is also a technology executive at Glassdoor, one of the largest workplace platforms, as well as a startup investor and advisor. He was previously CEO and Cofounder of Social Amp, one of the earliest Facebook Marketing Agencies, acquired by Merkle (Dentsu Aegis Network), in 2012.

Leah Ova

Ad Executive, TikTok Influencer, Corporate Mom

Leah Ova is an advertising industry exec with 15 years of marketing experience. She’s worked at top advertising agencies in New York, London and San Francisco, but only recently dipped her toe into social media. 

Leah began creating content on TikTok in 2020 as a way to laugh through the ups and downs of working from home with an unexpectedly full house. Funny and relatable, she now has over 150k followers on TikTok - posting about life as a working mom.



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